Monday, June 11, 2012

Asymmetry is the key.

The key to what? Hahahahahaha! Well, actually... I stressed myself very much thinking about what to post on this blog next... And, I was planning to have a post with only a week interval but... You know, as a beginner... It's kinda hard. *Well, so much for the introduction. I'm just going to show you the trial pictures last June 9, 2012 (Saturday) with my mom as my MUA (Make-Up Artist) and photographer. Hahahaha!
Me so loving the effect. <3 

Swaying pa-cute pose. :) 

Ume-Ehra Madrigal. Hahahaha! :D

My first EVAH look on
Please HYPE it... *Wait* Hahahaha! Was about to type HERE but I can't do the link-ing yet.

Was trying the sitting pose.

Finale pose. Haha!

Okay, so I hope you got some idea on how mix and match yer clothes. Yeah, yeah!

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