Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Korean English Teachers' shoot

June 13, 2012 (Wednesday)
Before this so called photoshoot, I talked to some of my new found friends at Hahahaha! This aint a porn site, okay? I met, Steve from England, "Hi Steve! Haha! Continue to help other people as a fireman. Yeah!" and then I met the three soccer players from Portugal namely, Luis, Nuno ad Kona... "Hahaha! Had fun talking with you guys. 'Til next time." After that we had this photoshoot. :D

Blurry flying pose.

Meet Gheca. Haha! Teacher, what are you looking at?
I have big arms, I know. I'm working on it.
Pi-ke? No, no, just look at my outfit. :D

Teacher Gheca is looking at... the camera!

Students! Meet Teacher Tricia! :D Here's her pa-cute pose. LOL! 

Teacher Tricia, Gheca and Dane all together.


Here's Teacher Tricia, posing for Cosmopolitan Magazine! Ayie. Haha!

Thanks for viewing this post! Will continue to post amazing pictures here! Hahahaha! Plese spread the blog and the love.  <3 <3 xoxo, Teacher Dane.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Asymmetry is the key.

The key to what? Hahahahahaha! Well, actually... I stressed myself very much thinking about what to post on this blog next... And, I was planning to have a post with only a week interval but... You know, as a beginner... It's kinda hard. *Well, so much for the introduction. I'm just going to show you the trial pictures last June 9, 2012 (Saturday) with my mom as my MUA (Make-Up Artist) and photographer. Hahahaha!
Me so loving the effect. <3 

Swaying pa-cute pose. :) 

Ume-Ehra Madrigal. Hahahaha! :D

My first EVAH look on
Please HYPE it... *Wait* Hahahaha! Was about to type HERE but I can't do the link-ing yet.

Was trying the sitting pose.

Finale pose. Haha!

Okay, so I hope you got some idea on how mix and match yer clothes. Yeah, yeah!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Magalawa Island Adventure

Last Saturday (May 26, 2012), my boyfriend and I went to one of the uncultivated islands in Zambales, the Magalawa Island. I've been eyeing for this island for months 'cause I really wanted my summer 2012 to be memorable. Yeah, so this craving was sufficed.

Magalawa Island (view from Radio Veritas)

Meet Sand dog. (He's very playful.) We named his after his color. Haha! You can barely see him in the sand.

San Salvador Island (view from Magalawa Island)

Magalawa Island's main transportation is by sea. (OF COURSE! Hahahaha! It's an island.)

Starfishes are abundant in Magalawa. You'll see different species there.

Here is Enrick, showing me how brave he is. (For holding the li'l starfish. Haha!)

Told yah, there are ABUNDANCE in STARFISHES.
Nice view, I know. On our way to see the Mangroves.
Haven't told you about Mangroves yet, right? Yeah, there are Mangroves A.K.A. Bakawan in Magalawa.
Four meals that were included in the P1,500.00 package of 2 days & 1 night stay.
Seafoods were mainly served. Sorry to Sand dog, dogs aren't allowed to eat seafoods.
Sorry for the poor resolution. My camera was in a different setting.
Look at the view! The view!
Magalawa up close. :)
Beetles in Magawala are the counterpart of cockroaches in Manila.
Different sizes and species of Starfishes.
The dogs that lead us to the other side of Magalawa. They're so sweet!
Another Starfish, up close! Orange lining!

Wasn't able to get a picture with this tree. Are we in Japan or Korea? Haha! 
Yes, a tree of thorns. Thorns = Jesus.  A bit of reminder if you want to go to Magalawa,
be careful with these trees. Enrick and I were pricked during our tour around the island.

That's all for now. :) Hope you were entertained with some of the pictures of the island. ;) If you have any questions, I'll be more than happy to answer those. Just leave a comment on the lower part of this page. Thanks for your time! :)